WWW.LandExchange.in the only LAND aggregator market place platform in INDIA, the flagship portal of Principle Infra Projects Ltd, we understand LAND in all perspective for all participants in the lifecycle of LAND. Over a period of 7 years we have gathered one of the largest inventory of LAND parcels in the country, various formats varying from Industrial, Agricultural or Residential LAND, with an collective experience of facilitating acquisition of more than 6000 acres of LAND to various entities, the platform has glued together a very wide network of participant in the industry, network including facilitators, brokers, farmers, investors, aggregators, law firm individual lawyers, excellent liaising rapport with the regulatory and statutory government body and agencies, well groomed team of runners, in- house master planners, architects, landscape engineers, surveyors, specialised land advisors. We specialise in conduting or fronting corporate to avoid speculation, price spillage and smoothen their Land acquisition activities.

           We are WWW.LandExchange.in the specialist in LAND.

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